In this modern society, everything is developing rapidly. Not just people but the surroundings as well. Proper and positive development requires skilled manpower and technicians. Who better to trust than the education attained by an engineer. Engineers are proficient professionals with knowledge in construction, architectural designs, computer-based programs, electrical design skills, electronics circuit design, and mechanical knowledge. Engineers are respected and trusted for a reason. They bear the burden of safeguarding the lives of everyone in society, in the world.

Code Space has the intention of introducing professional engineers to the known and unknown society alike. Here one can search the skilled manpower as per one’s requirement, be it big or small. We offer a wider area browsing the technical manpower according to the categorized list. You may need one or all. We are here to facilitate the people all over Kathmandu valley and plan on going national.

Search, compare, and select what you need, where you need it when you need and how much you need. All the engineers at Code Space Services are certified professionals trained in their respective educational fields. Quality is not a question of compromise when it comes to Code Space, we value your work, money, time, and most importantly life. Code Space Services is here to help one and all.