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    Thermocol Sculpture

    Thermocol sculpture is light in weight and can be made with in short duration, generally used in exhibition, front-desk or other decorative purposes.

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    Product Mock-up

    By enhancing the size of product for distant visibility and easy eye sighting, sometimes marking it as a landmark. We can help you on branding your product by creating the mock-up.

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    Agro Sculpture

    Promoting products by making enlarged object sculptures like Ostrich, Strawberry, Avocado, Mango, etc. at various and appropriate locations to boost your business will be helpful.

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    Fiber Interior Decoration

    By using fiber as a major component, various small and large furnishing decorative like crafts, carving, statues, idols, etc. can be made for holy places, stadium, party palace, park, gardens, etc.

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    Sculpture is the art of making 2-D or 3-D representation of any object by carving, casting or molding cement, stone, metal or wood. We have a sculptor who can meet your demand to promote your product through sculpture like Agro Sculpture, Product Sculpture, etc.

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    Metal Grill Works

    Metal Grillwork is decorative grating of Iron, Steel or Aluminium material used as a screen, divider, barrier, or as a purely decorative element. We do the grill design of wrought iron, steel or aluminium for window, door and wall grills

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    Balcony Rail Welding

    Whether it’s simply a decoration or a functional custom balcony, we are here for you!

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    Windows Grill Welding

    A wide variety of welding window grill options are available to you, such as casement windows, sliding windows, and garden windows.

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    Truss Roof Fixing

    A broken roof truss can cause many different problems. If the truss is bad enough, it can cause the sagging or collapse of a roof.

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    TV Setup Box Installation

    Sometimes misconfiguation, wrong settings, faulty wires and different orientation of antenna can cause issues with the quality of picture you watch in your television.

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    LAN/WAN Installation

    Network or system problems, upgrades, maintenance or office relocation. We have technicians who specialize in network configurations and deployments, WAN/LAN connectivity and security, router and firewall configuration.

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    Router Installation

    Our experts can install router, repeater or any networking device in your home, office or business as per your requirement.

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