• Services 1

    Metal Grill Works

    Metal Grillwork is decorative grating of Iron, Steel or Aluminium material used as a screen, divider, barrier, or as a purely decorative element. We do the grill design of wrought iron, steel or aluminium for window, door and wall grills

  • Services 2

    Balcony Rail Welding

    Whether it’s simply a decoration or a functional custom balcony, we are here for you!

  • Services 3

    Windows Grill Welding

    A wide variety of welding window grill options are available to you, such as casement windows, sliding windows, and garden windows.

  • Services 4

    Truss Roof Fixing

    A broken roof truss can cause many different problems. If the truss is bad enough, it can cause the sagging or collapse of a roof.

  • Services 5

    TV Setup Box Installation

    Sometimes misconfiguation, wrong settings, faulty wires and different orientation of antenna can cause issues with the quality of picture you watch in your television.

  • Services 6

    LAN/WAN Installation

    Network or system problems, upgrades, maintenance or office relocation. We have technicians who specialize in network configurations and deployments, WAN/LAN connectivity and security, router and firewall configuration.

  • Services 7

    Router Installation

    Our experts can install router, repeater or any networking device in your home, office or business as per your requirement.

  • Services 8


    Create the perfect front yard and backyard landscapes with our gardening experts.

  • Services 9

    Food Serving

    Serving food and drinks on the function is a tedious job. We have the manpower to make your job done easily.

  • Services 10


    Homemade meals prepared in your kitchen that meet your unique taste and dietary requirements, yet no need to plan or do the cooking!

  • Services 11

    Laundry Service

    With our laundry service option, you can have a maid to wash and dry your clothes. No need to waste your time doing laundry yourself!

  • Services 12

    Surveillance Camera

    Want your home or office to get protected by unwanted intruders? We have an experts to help you locate the best location and install the security cameras to keep you and your premises safe and peaceful.

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