• Services 1

    Solar Panel Installation

    The solar power systems consist of an array of solar panels (or modules), a mounting system, and an inverter with a computerized solid-state controller.

  • Services 2

    Switch/Socket Installation

    Requirement of new switches and plug sockets point can be any time either installing new devices or some other purposes and you don’t want ugly wires run outside.

  • Services 3


    There might be the risk of hazard and losses due to faulty wiring or degraded old wires. Our electric personnel can replace, maintain or install the new wires.

  • Services 4

    House Cleaning

    Life is stressful and so is keeping a clean home. We offer regular house cleaning visits from our residential housekeepers to proactively reduce allergens, bacteria, and of course, homeowner stress.

  • Services 5

    Floor Cleaning

    Cleaning is essential to prevent injuries due to slips and to remove dirt. Floors are also treated to protect or beautify the surface.

  • Services 6

    Ceiling Leakage Repair

    Leaking water can damage your expansive devices or corrode the existing structures making it weak to collapse. It must be stopped before it is too late.

  • Services 7

    Hand Rail Installation

    Stairway handrail or terrace handrail ads safety to its access. Handrail must be installed properly, inline and with the appropriate height to make it usable.

  • Services 8

    Wall Cracks Repair

    Generally caused by the natural setting of a house over time, our experienced mason can repair a cracked wall as well as you can take a consultation with our engineers for further treatment.

  • Services 9


    Plaster work is the major work to be done in the wall to increase the aesthetic of wall and home. Might that be the old wall or new wall our expert masons can make your wall look beautiful.

  • Services 10


    Get creative wall painting designs & ideas for a stylish home decor.Latest home painting colour ideas & designs for bedrooms, living rooms and more at Code Space.

  • Services 11

    Other Plumbing Works

    Other plumbing works may include the installation of hose pipes for fire protection or in the garden or depends on the client/corporate demand and requirements.

  • Services 12

    Filter Installation

    You might face the problem of dirty water from wells or other water source causing severe diseases to anybody in your family and needs to be filtered for drinking or household use.

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