Retrofitting Design

Retrofitting Design

Dismantling the old structure is not always the solution. It can be retrofitted to save the bulk of money that takes for the new construction. Retrofitting of a building can also be as strong as a new one if it is properly designed, constructed and supervised maintaining old integrity of a building. We have the experts who are working for the retrofitting design of both large and small building.

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Retrofitting is actually the addition of new technologies to the old structures. Old structures can be vulnerable or may not. It can be used to increase efficiency or make it economical, it can also reduce emissions.

Retrofitting for the RCC structural members was carried out to regain the power of the structural concrete elements that had degraded and to prevent further weakening in the concrete. The lack of strength of concrete structural members can be due to poor workmanship, design errors and deterioration due to the aggression of damaging agents.

The extra process will begin by investigating and diagnosing the cracks and then applying the appropriate retrofitting techniques and compatible materials.

There are a number of techniques used to retrofit structural members such as enlarging cross-section, external plate bonding, external post-tensioning, grouting and fiber reinforced polymer materials. Based on the severity of the damage and the necessary power to regain, a suitable retrofitting technique is assigned and performed.

However, according to the Civil Engineering viewpoint the term the retrofitting may be called seismic retrofitting, which is modifying the existing structures to make them capable of combating seismic activity, ground movements or soil failure due to earthquakes.

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