Structural Analysis and Design

Structural Analysis and Design

Building a strong house at low cost is the state of the art to implement the right amount of reinforcement and concrete with the right size of members. Failing to do so may cause higher cost or sometimes fragile to hazards and disasters. Our expert structural engineers will help you solve these problems by analyzing and designing the earthquake resistant building.

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Structural engineers focused on the physical integrity and design of projects such as buildings, bridges and tunnels. Their task is to ensure the physical structure maintains integrity and can handle the loads and forces they encounter.

Some structural engineers only focus on construction projects for residential and commercial houses.

The aspect of this industry encounters unique projects and works with many clients such as the owner of the home, Realtor, contractor, architect, and designer to name only a few.

Many people don’t realize that they need a structural engineer for their construction project until a city official or other specialist asks for it.

So how does a structural engineer match the puzzle?

A structural engineer is usually required whenever there is

  1. Structural changes made to the existing structure
  2. When a new structure is being designed.

It is imperative that architects or designers have to work with a structural engineer at the beginning of your project.

The missing part of the plan is something that only a structural engineer can provide, the load-bearing system includes: Live loads, dead loads, and environmental loads such as wind, heat and seismic.

Structural engineers will analyze the plan, perform calculations and add these details to the architectural plan. After the plan completes, a contractor can start the job.

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