Structural Consultation

Structural Consultation

Every house has its unique architectural expression and purposes. So, it needs an in-depth analysis to make it more strong. Our Structural Engineers help you suggest how to strengthen the old building by retrofitting design or the construction of a new building as to your requirement.

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Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that includes designing, constructing and repairing many different types of structures. The work of a structural engineer is to advise architects and contractors throughout the construction project, giving expert advice on technical issues.

Structural engineers are often signed in projects involving sporting competitions, bridges, large buildings, or any other weight-bearing structure.

On a daily basis, a structural engineer can support the chief architect with initial composition and structural design, including maintenance plans or overall remodeling. They calculate the loads, such as wind forces, snow and earthquakes, to determine which structural systems are the safest.

Structural engineers work in offices and on construction sites – or can divide their time between both contexts. Locations can be very diverse, including work in urban and rural environments. Depending on the size of the project, structural engineers may also be required to work for hours-in groups including professional, skilled and semi-skilled workers.

The structural engineers must have a strong grasp on physics, three-dimensional conceptual skills and creative problem solving. In addition to the ability to apply mechanical, mathematical and physical principles to construct safe, sustainable buildings, roles and responsibilities of structural engineers including design, investigation, communication, management and training.

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